How to make money playing video games online

Hey, Have you ever dreamt of getting paid to play video games?
Play Test Cloud it’s perfect for people who love gaming. What’s cool about this is that you get paid for playing games you like. This service focuses on trying out mobile games to help people create better games. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to be a pro to join. They test tons of games each year, around 100,000, and they pay about $9 for every 15 minutes you play. That’s like earning $36 in an hour, so if you do it for 4 hours, you make $144. If you keep it up for a whole day of 8 hours, that’s $288.

You need to just click on sign up or click on become a tester at the upper-right corner bar to get started.

Click I am a Player to get paid to play games and give feedback

Read the following intro and Get stared

Fill the form with proper information to sign up….

Add device to your profile for getting test. Chose your device that you have

Give the game name in last week that games you play

After you submit the sign up form, if you are eligible Play test cloud will send you a qualification test for teaching you how to play test. Well, although it is an unpaid test but when you qualify, they will invite you to playtests where you can earn money.

Don’t worry, although it is listening to hard but it is very simple. Good luck!

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