Get Paid to Share Your Opinions!

How about testing new products, like new snacks and beverages, watching new TV shows, filling out a phone or online survey, giving feedback in a one-on-one interview, in-person or through a video call on the products and their design and getting paid to do so!

Here’s a free and easy side hustle you can start today.

Believe me, you’re making it way harder than it needs to be.

First, you’re going to go to

Scroll down and click Learn More to participate in a study

click View Our Current Opportunities

scroll through until you find a study that you like

then click Apply Here!

and some details about yourself so they know where to send the check

then you’ll just attend a Zoom to answer some quick and easy questions and 3 days later you get a check in the mail
FocusInsite pays depending on the requirement to complete a study. For example, for a 20-minute in-person study FocusInsite will pay you around $50 and a survey that will take around 2 and a half hours to finish will pay you around $250.
So the longer the study to complete the more money you will be getting.
So, participate now. Good Luck!

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